A Zoo of Zonohedra

Zonohedra are a subset of polyhedra with all faces in pairs of parallel and congruent zonogons. Zonogons are polygons with sides which occur only as parallel and congruent pairs of line segments. As a consequence of this, the faces of zonohedra must have even numbers of sides.

Considering all the restrictions on zonohedra, it may be surprising that there is so much variety among them. Every polyhedron shown in this post is a zonohedron. The colors are chosen so that all four-sided zonogons have one color, all six-sided zonogons have a second color, and so on.

Octagon-dominated zonohedron.gif

Zonohedrified Cobvjnvex hull.gif

Zonohedrified Conjhvjvvex hull.gif

Zonohedrified Conjhvvex hull.gif

Zonohedrified Connbvj,njkvex hull.gif

Zonohedrified Convb bvvex hull.gif

Zonohedrified Convehckhcx hull.gif

Zonohedrified Convex hull  186 faces.gif

Zonohedrified Convex hull 132 faces

Zonohedrified Convex hull 138 faces.gif

Zonohedrified Convex hull 306 faces colored by number of edges per face.gif

Zonohedrified Convex hull features octadecagons.gif

Zonohedrified Convex hull.gif

Zonohedrified Convex hullygduyd.gif

Zonohedrified Cube 2.gif

Zonohedrified Ochjgta.gif

Zonohedrified Octa 2

Zonohedrified Octa 3.gif

Zonohedrified Octa z.gif

Zonohedrified Octa.gif

Zonohedrified Pmhgcholy.gif

Zonohedrified Polly.gif

Zonohedrified Poly.gif

Zonohedrified Snub Cube.gif

Zonohedrified tet.gif

Zonohedrified Trunc Dodeca featuring octadecagons.gif

Zonohedrified Trunc Dodeca.gif

Zonohedrified Trunc Tetra vef.gif

Zonohedrified Trunc Tetra.gif

Zonohedrified Trunc Tetrahedron.gif

I made all of these using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator. This program may be tried for free at this website.

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