A “Barrel” Polyhedron With Heptagonal Bases

Here is this polyhedron’s dual.

I made these using Stella 4d, a program you can try for free at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

7 thoughts on “A “Barrel” Polyhedron With Heptagonal Bases

  1. Dear Robert,

    Your models are impressing, indeed! In fact, recently I was searching in the Internet for a ready answer to my question: does a polyhedron with two heptagonal bases and 2×7 pentagons on the two lower “floors” exist? I hope you have the answer to my question. I understand, that there is an additional problem: will the vertices of the pentagons be coplanar? I don’t know. Eh, I found your construction. Also very interesting. However, I have a next question: would you be able to modify the picture of the “barrel” so to obtain maximally near to the “regularity” triangles and quadrupoles? If you succeed, you will offer a new very original present to the designers and… mathematicians.

    Thank you advance!
    Yours sincerely,
    Vladimir (Bulgaria)

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