If Recent Trends Continue, Gasoline Will Soon Be Free

Here’s what gas prices have done in the U.S. during the last three months:


The price of gas three months ago was $3.79 per gallon, and now it is $3.27, so, in three months, it dropped 52 cents per gallon.  That’s a rate of -$2.08 per year per gallon, so, if this recent trend continues, gasoline will cost not much more than a dollar a gallon a year from now, and will become free sometime later in 2014. In fact, by the end of 2014 (again, if this trend continues), gasoline will have a negative price, which means they’ll pay us to take the stuff.

Sheryl Crow must have known this day would come, for she wrote a song about gasoline becoming free a few years back, which you can find below (embedded from YouTube) –– a song called, of course, “Gasoline.” Enjoy!

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