Truncated Octahedron Carousel

Truncated Octahedron Carousel

The image on each face of this truncated octahedron is the one found in a previous post here, named Ten Circles, and was created with the use of two programs, Geometer’s Sketchpad and MS-Paint. As you’ll notice if you view other posts made today, though, the color scheme has been altered for this polyhedron.

Placing this image on each face of this polyhedron, as well as creating this rotating .gif file, required use of a third program, Stella 4d. This program may tried and/or purchased at Unlike in the previous post, the images were “told” to stay upright while the polyhedron its rotates, creating a rotational effect in the yellow hexagonal faces, but a different effect in the red square faces. As far as I can tell, this is due to their different orientation in space, relative to the axis of rotation.

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