A Pentagonal Icositetrahedron, Decorated with Rippled Tessellations, Along with Its Compound with Its Own Mirror-Image

A Pentagonal Icositetrahedron, Decorated with Rippled Tessellations

The decorations on each face were created using the design, made using Geometer’s Sketchpad and MS_Paint, from this post: https://robertlovespi.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/rippling-tessellation-using-squares-regular-octagons-and-octaconcave-equilateral-hexadecagons/. I then used Stella 4d, available at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php, to project this flat image onto each face of this chiral polyhedron, the dual of the snub cube, and make this rotating image.

Next, I used Stella to add this figure to its own mirror-image, to make a compound — something that is always possible with chiral polyhedra. Here is the result.

Compound of enantiomorphic pair

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I go by RobertLovesPi on-line, and am interested in many things, a large portion of which are geometrical. Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. The viewpoints and opinions expressed on this website are my own. They should not be confused with the views of my employer, nor any other organization, nor institution, of any kind.
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