Some Recommeded Websites for Polyhedral Enthusiasts

There are a lot of websites devoted to polyhedra. Here are some of the best.

This one is run by Jonathan Bowers:

Here’s the portal-page to George Hart’s pages, with links to a LOT of cool stuff he’s made:

I don’t know who runs this one:

This one is Robert Webb’s. He’s the person who wrote Stella 4d, the program I use most often on my own blog to create polyhedral images: (Also, while we do share a first name, he is not the same person as me, as a few readers of my blog have thought in the past.)

Craig Kaplan has a page of links to other pages of his, right here: Of those, my favorites are the sections on John solid near-misses (, as well as on symmetrohedra:

Jim McNeill’s polyhedra site is here:

Here’s a good one, but I don’t know its creator’s full name:

Finally, one by Vladimir Bulatov:

This is definitely not a complete list. If you know of other good polyhedron-oriented websites, please leave links to them in a comment on this post.

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