The Seven Zonish Dodecahedra with Zones Added Based on Faces, Edges, and/or Vertices

If a zonish dodecahedron is created with zones based on the dodecahedron’s vertices, here is the result.

zonish dod v

If the same thing is done with edges, this is the result — an edge-distorted version of the great rhombicosidodecahedron.

zonish dodeca edges only

Another option is faces-only. Although I haven’t checked the bond-lengths, this one does have the general shape of the most-symmetrical 80-carbon-atom fullerene molecule. Also, this shape is sometimes called the “pseudo-truncated-icosahedron.”

zonish dodec faces only

The next zonish dodecahedron has had zones added based on the dodecahedron’s faces and edges, both.

zonish dodeca e & f

Here’s the one for vertices and edges.

zonish dodec v & e

Here’s the one for faces and vertices.

zonish dodec v & f

Finally, the last of this set of seven has had zones added based on all three: faces, vertices, and edges.

zonish dodec vfe

All seven of these were made with Stella 4d, which is available at

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