A Large Collection of Polyhedra with Icosidodecahedral Symmetry, Some of Them Chiral

A stellation of a faceted icosidodecahedron
Another nother2 stellation of a faceted icosidodecahedronAnother stellation of a faceted icosidodecahedronFaceted Stellated Triakibvjvsicosa
chiral 157th stellation of the icosidodecahedronAnother nother stellation of a faceted icosidodecahedronCompound of enantiomorphic pair of 157th stellations of IDnon-convex snub dodecahedron variantl12 irreg decagons 30 reg octagons 20 reg hexagons 60 isos trapezoids 122 totalll12 pentagon and 80 hexagons92 facesl302 faces including 12 pentadecagonsaug rid 1 of 2 Convex hullaug rid 2 of 2 Convex hullAugmented PHGolyAugmented PHGoly DUALCompound of enantiomorphic pairCompound of enantiomorphnb cnbic pairConsdhffgvex hullConvehxbvhvc hullConvejhfx hullConvenbvx hullConvex dfaljhullConvex hull of the base + dual model for the truncated dodecahedronConvex hullConvexbvhvc hullConvexsdjag hhgfullCoXCVNBnvex hulldual -- Faceted Compound of Compound of enantiomorphic pair and dualDual of Cohkhkjnvex hullDual of Cokhnvex hullDual of Cokjhihhkhkjnvex hullDual of Convex hullDual of Convexnvgxgc hullDual of CoXCVNBnvex hullDual ojhff Convex hullDual ojhjhff Convex hullFaceted Compound of enantiomorphic pairFaceted Convex hullFaceted DnvcualFaceted Dual
Faceted DualsgdhdFaceted DugffalFaceted DuhgdhggffalFaceted Great TriakisicosaFaceted RhombicosidodecgfshfsaFaceted Stellated Faceted DualFaceted Stellated Faceted DuhgdhgalFaceted Stellated Faceted Stellated Poly

I made these using Stella 4d, available here.

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I go by RobertLovesPi on-line, and am interested in many things, a large portion of which are geometrical. Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. The viewpoints and opinions expressed on this website are my own. They should not be confused with the views of my employer, nor any other organization, nor institution, of any kind.

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