Octagons Can Tile a Plane II

In April 2014, I found a tessellation of the plane which uses two kinds of octagons — both types equilateral, but only one type regular.

Now, I have found two more ways to tessellate a plane with octagons, and these octagons are also equilateral. However, in these new tessellations, only one type of octagon is used. One of them appears below, twice (the second time is with reversed colors), and the other one appears, once, in the next post.


tessoct 2

2 thoughts on “Octagons Can Tile a Plane II

  1. Hello, My name is Gabriel im from Brasil
    I’m trying to start to develop a game but im struggling with some ideas in my mind. You seem to have the answer!

    Is it possible to tile a plane with only one kind of octagon that is regular, in a way that thy have the same distance between each other in the 8 directions.

    They can overla., I know that without overlaping it is inpossible, but is it possible overlaping?

    If so it will solve inumerous problems and this image of yours make me think that it will look especialy cooler in an isometric view

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