Two Wrinkled Polyhedra, and One of Their Duals

wrinkled polyhedronI recently stumbled upon some wrinkled polyhedra. Such polyhedra have an unusually high amount of surface area, compared to their volumes, relative to most more-familiar polyhedra. The next one shown, below, is the dual of the first one. shown, above.

wrinkled polyhedron dual

The two above were made before I received a request to slow down the spin-rate of the polyhedra I post, most of which, in the past, have had a rotational period of four seconds. This next one has the new, slower spin-rate (with T = 6 seconds) which I am now using:

another wrinkled polyhedron

I hope all of my readers prefer this change, especially since it takes 50% more memory, per file, to slow these down to 2/3 their previous rotational speed.

These were all made using Stella 4d, software which can be tried or bought here:

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