Combining Octahedral and Icosahedral Symmetry to Form Pyritohedral Symmetry

Compound of Octa and Icosa

Pyritohedral symmetry, seen by example both above and below, is most often described at the symmetry of a volleyball:


[Image of volleyball found here.]

To make the rotating polyhedral compound at the top, from an octahedron and an icosahedron, I simply combined these two polyhedra, using Stella 4d, which may be purchased (or tried for free) here.

In the process, I demonstrated that it is possible to combine a figure with octahedral (sometimes called cuboctahedral) symmetry, with a figure with icosahedral (sometimes called icosidodecahedral) symmetry, to produce a figure with pyritohedral symmetry.

Now I can continue with the rest of my day. No matter what happens, I’ll at least know I accomplished something.

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