Bashing Some Democrats, for a Change

I am sick of certain Bernie Sanders supporters who write about the “Hitlarites” who support Hillary Clinton.

I am also sick of the Hillary Clinton supporters who mock her opponent as “Barnie” Sanders, as in Barney the Clown, or perhaps Barney the purple dinosaur.

My guess is that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, themselves, are embarrassed by these rude factions of their own supporters, and wish they would just shut up, and sit down.

They’re not helping anyone, except for Donald Trump.

3 thoughts on “Bashing Some Democrats, for a Change

  1. They have a valid concern. She was fired from the Select Watergate Committee after repeatedly

    recommending to the ranking members that Nixon be taken into custody without formal charges

    and denied legal council. The chairman remarked then that she was “unfit to serve in any public

    office.” She does seem a little “fuzzy” on our constitutional rights.



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