A Compound of an Icosahedron and the First Stellation of the Rhombic Triacontahedron

Compound of an icosahedron and the 1st stellation of the RTC

I stumbled across this compound yesterday, an example of exploratory polyhedral manipulation using Stella 4d producing an unexpected result. If you would like to experiment with a free trial download of this program, before deciding whether or not to purchase the fully-functioning version, simply click here:  www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

2 thoughts on “A Compound of an Icosahedron and the First Stellation of the Rhombic Triacontahedron

  1. Hi Robert !

    Your exceptional polyhedra compounds from the past were very pleasing to the eye and soul. Thanks very much to you and Robert Webb. A few calculations were sufficient to attempt making some paper models while staying in Turkey over the winter. Please see some results here:

    Your inspiring productions keep coming and becoming more and more complex but…calculating angle sizes and edge lengths of the new models becomes hopelessly difficult.
    What to do ? Congratulations with your 1000th. blog. Kind regards,
    Jos Smits.

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    • Those paper models are very nice, indeed! As for your question about edge and angle measures, I recommend obtaining “Stella 4d,” the program I use to make these, for yourself. It has a “measurement mode” you can use to directly obtain these numbers. The program can also be used to print nets on card stock, which saves a lot of time when building physical models.


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