My Predicted 2020 Presidential Electoral Map

I’m predicting that Joe Biden will win a slim electoral majority, as well as a large popular-vote advantage, over Donald Trump.

election 2020

In this particular scenario, the swing states all go for Trump, except for Arizona and Florida, which Biden wins. Both Arizona and Florida have large elderly populations, and I don’t think they’re much caring for the way Trump is treating them as disposable people when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you would like to make your own prediction-map, the website to visit to do so is

6 thoughts on “My Predicted 2020 Presidential Electoral Map

  1. I am one of those elderly people in Florida who aren’t very happy with Trump’s lack of enthusiasm for combating the Covid 19 pandemic. We elderly are at great risk. You’d think that he would care more about the elderly, since he is elderly himself.


  2. Interesting take on the electoral map. I see Colorado going blue rather than red but I can’t argue hard against any of the other predictions as they are either safe states or toss ups.

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  3. Many are opposed to the authoritarian measures being taken in the interest of combating this disease. Being a supporter of relaxed laws does not necessarily mean one does not care for the elderly, or take the virus seriously, it simply means they believe the government is overstepping their bounds.


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