A Symmetrohedron Featuring Regular Heptagons and Hexagons, Along with Irregular Quadrilaterals and Triangles


Symmetrohedra are symmetric polyhedra which have regular polygons for most (but not necessarily all) of their faces. I made this particular one using Stella 4d, which you can try for yourself at this website. Here’s the net for this polyhedron, also.

symmetrohedron net

This particular symmetrohedron features 12 faces which are regular heptagons, and 8 faces which are regular hexagons. The irregular faces are 12 isosceles triangles, 24 isosceles trapezoids, and 6 rectangles, for a total of 62 faces. It has pyritohedral symmetry. The most unusual thing about this polyhedron are its 12 heptagonal faces.