A Gallery of Polyhedra Which Feature Five-Pointed Star-Patterns


A Gallery of Polyhedra Which Feature Five-Pointed Star-Patterns

The images below may each be enlarged with a single click.

Conjdhfcvex hull dualConvehgdsfx hullConvex fdghullConvex hjgfyullConvex hjgfyull dualConvex nbhull dualConvhgdjyex hullDggual of Convex hullDual jhdfgjfjof Convex hulldual of Stellated Faceted DualFaceted Congfvex hullFaceted Stellated PolyFaceted Stellategggd PolyStellated cxsadfgdDual of Convex hullStellated Faceted DualConvex hull q

I made these using Stella 4d, which you can find at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.