The Mathematical and Linguistic Inaccuracy of Strip Club Advertising


The Mathematical Inaccuracy of Strip Club Advertising

Of all the signs used to advertise strip clubs, the one that is most familiar, and most recognizable, is the type you see here — just one I picked, of many like it, from the results of a Google image-search.

It’s also mathematically inaccurate. “Girls” are, by definition, human female children. Any strip club, in any developed country, that actually had real girls stripping would quickly be closed down by the authorities, and rightly so. Where I live (Arkansas, in the USA), strip clubs do not hire performers who are younger than age 18, and that means that, legally, these strippers are adults.

Adult human females are, of course, properly called “women,” not “girls.” Therefore, these signs, seen on strip clubs all over the place, should actually say “WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN,” not “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.”

This may not be what most other people think about when they’re driving around, and see strip club advertising, but both mathematical and linguistic inaccuracy bother me — a lot.