The Great Rhombcuboctahedron As a Building-Block


The Great Rhombcuboctahedron As a Building-Block

This solid, also known as the great rhombicuboctahedron, and the truncated icosidodecahedron, can be used to build many other things. In addition to the elongated ring of eight above, for example, there’s this octagonal prism.

Augmented Trunc Cubocta2

Augmented Trunc Cubocta 2

Remember the elongated ring at the top of this post? This pic, directly above, is of a ring of four of those rings.

Augmented Trunc Cubocta3

And, yes, that’s a (non-great) rhombcuboctahedron made of great rhombcuboctahedra. Here it is again, with a different color-scheme.

Augmented Trunc Cubocta4

For the last of these constructions, eight more great rhombcuboctahedra are added to the figure in the two posts above, which is also returned to its original color-configuration. These eight new polyhedra have positions which correspond to the corners of a cube.

augmented rhombcuboctahedron made of great rhombcuboctahedra

Manipulating polyhedra in this manner is easy with Stella 4d, the program I used to do all of this. You may buy it, and/or try a free trial version first, at

My Students’ Painting of the Periodic Table of the Elements


My Students' Painting of the Periodic Table of the Elements

This is my last year teaching at my current school — I’ll be transferring to another school in the same district in the Fall. To create a farewell gift to the school where I have taught for the last three years, I brought a lot of paint and other art supplies from home, bought more when they ran out, and let my students (who are enrolled in Chemistry and Physical Science) paint a large painting of the periodic table on two large wooden boards, each measuring 4′ by 6′. In the Fall, the plan is for the painting to be mounted on the wall of the science wing of my current school, in a location to be chosen by my current department chair, a personal friend of mine.

I think my students did a very good job — better than this picture I took with my cell phone reveals, just due to camera-quality. I am proud of them.