Watch the Vortex Swirl

watch-the-voretex-swirlWhen I started this blog in 2012, I was gradually changing my preferred artistic medium, from acrylics on canvas, to software which manipulates electrons and photons. It’s still fun to pick up a paintbrush from time to time, though, and this is what I painted the last time I did that, in early June, 2016.

Imp: A Painting from 2004

imp 2004

The medium I used for this 2004 painting, Imp, was acrylic on canvas. It turns out I have blogged this before, here, and I did not mean to create a duplicate post — but the colors appear different in the two photographs, so I have decided to leave them both on-line, anyway.



This is a painting from 2002, which I did with acrylic, on canvas. I just had the first chance in years to get a good photograph of it, for it’s at my mother’s house, over three hours from where I live, and I actually have a decent camera with me for this visit.

My Students’ Painting of the Periodic Table of the Elements


My Students' Painting of the Periodic Table of the Elements

This is my last year teaching at my current school — I’ll be transferring to another school in the same district in the Fall. To create a farewell gift to the school where I have taught for the last three years, I brought a lot of paint and other art supplies from home, bought more when they ran out, and let my students (who are enrolled in Chemistry and Physical Science) paint a large painting of the periodic table on two large wooden boards, each measuring 4′ by 6′. In the Fall, the plan is for the painting to be mounted on the wall of the science wing of my current school, in a location to be chosen by my current department chair, a personal friend of mine.

I think my students did a very good job — better than this picture I took with my cell phone reveals, just due to camera-quality. I am proud of them.