American Fascism 2017


It’s easy to throw words like “fascism” around without really thinking about their definitions . . . so I looked the word up, to reexamine it. In my opinion, the “shoe fits,” as the saying goes, whether you call it “American fascism,” or simply “Trumpism.” Just look at the details of the Google-provided definition above:

  • Authoritarian? Check.
  • Nationalistic? “Make America Great Again!” “America First!”
  • Right-wing? Very much so.
  • Government? Firm control of two of three branches, at the moment.
  • Social organization? They’re working on that, in the usual “us and them” form.
  • Extreme? Almost comically so.
  • Intolerant? Vividly so.

What’s more, all of this is apparent after Donald Trump has been in office for only a week.

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3, 4, 5, 6


This post’s title is derived from the fact that the faces of the polyhedron above have three, four, five, and six sides. I created it using Stella 4d, which you can try for yourself here.

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On Building Character During the Trump Presidency


The world now has a new, simple way to build character:

  1. Watch the American president, and
  2. Try your best to avoid acting like him.

[Image found here.]

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An Enneacontahedron


Enneacontahedra have ninety faces, and this is but one of many which are possible. I made it with Stella 4d, which you can try for free at this website:

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Conjoined Twin Starfish


I made this using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator. You can try this program for yourself at this website.

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Some Tetrahedral Stellations of the Truncated Cube

I created these with Stella 4d, which you may try for free at this website. To make a given polyhedral stellation appear larger, simply click on it.

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Twisted Polyhedral Compound


I used Stella 4d to make this. You may try this program for free at

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