On Turning Election Day Into Mother’s Day

Upon closer inspection, even Gary Johnson and Jill Stein aren’t people I want to vote for. I have therefore decided I am not going to vote for president this year, at least not as myself.

My mother can no longer vote. She would want to vote for Hillary Clinton. I will, therefore, cast a vote for H.C. on her behalf.

On Voting, and Encouraging, or Discouraging, Others from Doing the Same


I don’t like TV ads, mailings, etc. that encourage people to vote. If I had money to burn, I’d buy advertising with the opposite message: please don’t bother voting.

Reason 1: When more people vote, the impact of my single vote is diluted.

Reason 2: When fewer people vote, the impact of my vote increases.

Reason 3: If, hypothetically, my “please don’t vote” campaign convinced everyone else not to vote, I still would vote, and then I’d get my way — for everything on the ballot. =D

[Image credit:  this picture of a ballot box was found at http://www.nbcwashington.com, and does not appear to be copyrighted. If I am mistaken, I will remove it upon request.]