98-Faced Polyhedron Featuring Heptagons


98-Faced Polyhedron Featuring Heptagons

There are, as faces, 24 irregular heptagons, 6 irregular octagons of one type, and 12 of another, 24 rectangles of one type, and 24 of another, and 8 equilateral triangles. This was made using Stella 4d, which you may try or buy at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

A Variant of the Great Icosahedron


Faceted Dual

The great icosahedron has 20 faces which are interpenetrating equilateral triangles, most of which are hidden in the interior of that polyhedron. The non-hidden, and therefore visible, parts are called “facelets” — and there are 180 of them: 120 scalene, and 60 isosceles.

In this variant of the great icosahedron, the sixty isosceles facelets are simply missing, which changes the shape of the remaining 120, still-scalene facelets. The color scheme is one which gives each facelet a different color — except for coplanar or parallel facelets, which are the same color, making them easier to spot.

Software credit: see http://www.software3d.com/stella.php — with a free trial download available there.