The Augmented Great Dodecahedra III


Augmented Great Dodecahedra III

In this construction, I took the polyhedral cluster found in the last two posts, and augmented every pentagonal face with yet another great dodecahedron. I used software you can find at

The Augmented Great Dodecahedron II


The Augmented Great Dodecahedron II

To make this, I used the polyhedron found in the last post, using software I bought at, to alter the coloring scheme to make each face a different color unless it is parallel to another, in which case it has the same color as all parallel faces.

Which coloring-scheme do you like best?

The Augmented Great Dodecahedron


The Augmented Great Dodecahedron

Begin with one great dodecahedron, and then augment each face with another, and you get this. I used software you may find at to make it.

Compound of the Great Dodecahedron and the Sixth Stellation of the Icosahedron


Compound of the Great Dodecahedron and a Stellated Polyhedron

The great dodecahedron here is red, and the yellow polyhedron is the sixth stellation of the icosahedron.

Software credit:

732 Interpenetrating Regular Pentagons in Orbit around a Common Axis


732 Interpenetrating Regular Pentagons In Orbit Around a Common Axis

This was created by augmenting a great dodecahedron with more great dodecahedra, and then augmenting the result with even more of them.

The software I used was Stella 4d, which you can find right here.