Spectral Dodecahedra

Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator has a “put models on vertices” function which I used to build this cluster of 101 dodecahedra. If you’d like to try this software for yourself, there is a free trial download available at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

A Dozen Dodecahedra, Surrounding an Icosahedron

I made these virtual models using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator. If you’d like to try this program for yourself — free — the website to visit is http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

Two Images of a Toroidal Rhombic Triacontahedron Made of 212 Dodecahedra

I made these using Stella 4d, a program you can try as a free trial download at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

The Third Stellation of the Pentagonal Icositetrahedron Is a Compound of Two Irregular Dodecahedra

Here’s the pentagonal icositetrahedron. It is the dual of the snub cube.

And here is its third stellation. As you can see, it’s a compound of two irregular dodecahedra.

I made these images using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator. You can try this program for free at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

Stellar Array

A great dodecahedron (red) sits in the middle of this polyhedral cluster. The polyhedra touching the one in the center are blue small stellated dodecahedra. Finally, there are yellow great stellated dodecahedra on the outside.

I assembled this polyhedral cluster using Stella 4d, which you can try for yourself at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

Three Versions of a Compound of the Great and Small Stellated Dodecahedra

In the first version of this compound shown here, the great stellated dodecahedron is shown in yellow, while the small stellated dodecahedron is shown in red.

Small Stellated Dodeca and Great Stellated Dodeca.gif

In the next version, each face has its own color, except for those in parallel planes, which have the same color.

Small Stellated Dodeca and Great Stellated Dodeca 2

Finally, the third version is shown in “rainbow color mode.”

Small Stellated Dodeca and Great Stellated Dodeca 3

All three of these images were created using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator, software you can try for free right here.

Augmenting the Dodecahedron with Great Dodecahedra

These two polyhedra are the dodecahedron (left), and the great dodecahedron (right).

Since the faces of both of these polyhedra are regular pentagons, it is possible to augment each of the dodecahedron’s twelve faces with a great dodecahedron. Here is the result.

Augmented Dodeca.gif

I used Stella 4d to make these images. You may try this program for yourself at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

A Dozen Pulsating Dodecahedra

12 dodecahedra

To make this using Stella 4d (available here) I started with an icosahedron, placed a dodecahedron on each of its vertices, then rendered the central icosahedron invisible. The slight pulsating effect is caused by the program fitting the polyhedra tightly into each frame of the animation.