I’m Walking on an Active Volcano at Yellowstone National Park

At the time my wife took this picture, I did not yet realize that we were walking around on an active volcano when we recently visited Yellowstone National Park. The outgassing behind me, which I had just walked through, should have clued me in, since it had a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide mixed with hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. At a gift shop, I found a book by Greg Briening called Super Volcano: The Ticking Time Bomb Beneath Yellowstone National Park. It explains the science of Yellowstone, and makes a strong case that the volcano that created Yellowstone will blow up again, possibly soon, with cataclysmic consequences worldwide.

My Wikipedia Userboxen Collection, Part IV


My Wikipedia Userboxen Collection, Part IV

If you’re also a Wikipedean, and want some of these userboxen for yourself, feel free to copy them from my userpage. To help you find it: my username on Wikipedea is RobertAustin at the time of this posting, but should change to RobertLovesPi in just a few days.

My Wikipedia Userboxen Collection, Part II


My Wikipedia Userboxen Collection, Part II

Collecting userboxen on Wikipedia is fun, but almost no one (except other Wikipedians) ever sees such collections. Since you can learn a lot about a given Wikipedian by their collection of userboxen, my blog seems like a good place to re-post my collection. It’s being done in pieces, simply to maintain legibility.

My Wikipedia Userboxen Collection, Part I


My Wikipedia Userboxen Collection, Part I

I’ve been editing Wikipedia under my own (legal) name for years, although I just submitted a request to have my Wikipedia-name changed to match the name of this blog. Every Wikipedia user has a user page, and can put these userboxen on it. Here’s the first part of my collection.