Two Versions of a Slowly Rotating Rhombic Triacontahedron, Adorned with Spectral Patterns on Each Face

Rhombic Triaconta

It took three programs to make this. First, outlines of the “double rainbow” patterns on each face were constructed using Geometer’s Sketchpad. A screenshot from that program was then pasted into MS-Paint, which was used to add color to the outline of the pattern on each face. Next, the colorized image was projected onto each face of a rhombic triacontahedron, using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator — the program that put this all together, and what I used to generate the rotating .gif above. Stella is available at, with a free trial download available.

Interestingly, while this polyhedron itself is not chiral, the coloring-pattern of it, shown above, is.

With only small modifications, Stella can produce a very different version:

Rhombic Triaconta

Which one do you like better?