A Tessellation Using Regular Pentagons and Hexagons, As Well As Two Types of Concave Polygon


Without even checking, I know that my automatic tweet about this post (as @RobertLovesPi) will be retweeted by the @HexagonBot on Twitter. Why? Because @HexagonBot retweets any tweet containing the word “hexagon,” or “hexagons.” I have absolutely no idea why other polygons lack their own Twitterbots, though.

Thirty Flying Hexagons


Sixty Flying Hexagons

When I tweet a link to this blog-post as @robertlovespi, it will likely be quickly retweeted by @hexagonbot, simply because of the term “hexagon” being included in the tweet. What I don’t understand: Why do other polygons not have bots of their own?

I used Stella 4d to make this image, and you can find that program at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.