Snowfall in Blue

Like much of America, we’ve had a lot of snow lately, with more on the way. Making the piece above helped me unwind after a very stressful drive to the store and back on snow- and ice-covered roads. The car went skidding all over the place a few times, but I did make the trip without actually running into anything. I’m not going out again until the melt arrives.

A Green Itaumipedean Snowflake


A Green Snowflake

On Itaumiped, my imaginary planet (see previous post, as well as a few others on this blog), the snow is not crystals of dihydrogen monoxide, but a different chemical — one that shows both 4-fold and 5-fold, but not 6-fold, symmetry.

This may change in the future, however. That’s one of the advantages of having your own imaginary planet.