Heptagon Heaven

Recently, someone who follows my blog asked for my permission to use one of the images here (a tessellation featuring regular heptagons, etc.) as the artwork to accompany a piece of music he created. I granted permission without hesitation, and am now posting a link to his song, Heptagon Heaven’s “Destroy the System.”


The Archimedean Solids

This is a separate, single-purpose blog of mine, and it has been completed, meaning no further posts will be made there. It contains rotating images of all thirteen Archimedean solids, including both enantiomers of the two which are chiral, as well as a net for each of these polyhedra.


Spinning Truncated Icosahedron

I don’t reblog things here, but I do appreciate getting e-mail from my followers, and I don’t mind posting an occasional link. One of them, a gentleman named Donald, sent me this link to an interesting video of a spinning truncated icosahedron, viewed from both the inside and outside, and set to music. To see it, simply follow the link above. Thanks for the tip, Donald — this is a really cool video!


A Gallery of Polyhedra

Now that the latest version of Stella 4d allows users to make rotating .gifs, I post those here (see the last post for an example). However, before I started blogging on WordPress, I made a blog on Tumblr with many still images produced using earlier versions of Stella. Here is an example:

Convex hull

The link above is to that blog’s archive — just click on any small pic there to make it larger. Unlike other Tumblr-blogs of mine, this one has no reblogged material — it was the banality of reblogging, you see, that drove me from Tumblr in the first place.

Info on getting/trying Stella 4d for yourself: