A Geometrical Tiling Featuring Regular Icosagons, Pentagons, and Squares; Equilateral Octagons; and Equilateral, Octaconcave Hexadecagons


The only reason I am calling this simply a geometrical tiling, rather than a tessellation, is that I want to recognize the regular icosagons (twenty-sides polygons) as part of the pattern — and the icosagons here overlap, violating the established rules for tessellations.

Three Variations of Kepler’s Stella Octangula

The Stella Octangula was the name Johannes Kepler gave, centuries ago, to the compound of two tetrahedra. Here are three variations on it, all created using Stella 4d, a program you may try at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.

stella octangular variantstella octangular variant anotherstella octangular variant third



This is a painting from 2002, which I did with acrylic, on canvas. I just had the first chance in years to get a good photograph of it, for it’s at my mother’s house, over three hours from where I live, and I actually have a decent camera with me for this visit.

Can Defenders of the Police in Ferguson, Missouri Explain These Numbers?

fergusonThe source of this image is an official website of Missouri’s state government: http://ago.mo.gov/VehicleStops/2013/reports/161.pdf.

As shown above, when white residents of Ferguson, Missouri are stopped by the police, there is a higher contraband hit rate than is the case with Black residents. However, Blacks there have traffic-stop rates, search rates, and arrest rates far higher than those of whites.

Blacks in Ferguson are 63% of the population. In 2013, Blacks were stopped by the police there 4,632 times, compared to only 686 times for white drivers.

If anyone wants to convince me that the Ferguson Police Department is not a racist organization, operating, as a group, to continue America’s long history of oppression by skin color, they’ll need to explain these numbers first.

DWB (“Driving While Black”) should never be a cause for a traffic stop, but it still is, all over the USA. If you don’t believe me, conduct this simple test:  ask a Black person, old enough to drive, what a “DWB” is, and then ask if it really happens, in America, in 2014.

It would be going too far to state that all police officers are racist criminals. The fact is that many police officers do not fit that description at all. However, it is also true that many other police officers are criminals of this type, and they tarnish the reputation of all police officers, and police departments, by their actions. America should do something, now, about our “criminal police” problem. It isn’t limited just to Ferguson, nor only to Missouri.

[Credit:  Thank you, to the Tumblr-bloggers at http://sassygayklavierspieler.tumblr.com/ and http://fishingboatproceeds.tumblr.com/, for bringing this chart to my attention.]