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Tidally Locked Binary Icosidodecahedra

I’ve been trying to figure out for over a year how to make images like the one above, without having holes in the two polyhedra, facing each other. At last, that puzzle of polyhedral manipulation using Stella 4d (software available at this … Continue reading

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Two Similar Polyhedra with Icosidodecahedral Symmetry

Both of these were made using Stella 4d, software you can try at this website.

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Three Different Depictions of the Compound of Five Cubes

The most common depiction of the compound of five cubes uses solid cubes, each of a different color: This isn’t the only way to display this compound, though. If the faces of the cubes are hidden, then the interior structure … Continue reading

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My New Middle Initial and Name: A Mathematical Welcome-Back Gift from My Alma Mater

I just had a middle initial assigned to me, and then later, with help, figured out what that initial stood for. With apologies for the length of this rambling story, here’s an explanation for how such crazy things happened. I … Continue reading

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Various Views of Three Different Polyhedral Compounds: Those of (1) Five Cuboctahedra, (2) Five of Its Dual, the Rhombic Dodecahedron, and (3) Ten Components — Five Each, of Both Polyhedra.

Polyhedral compounds differ in the amount of effort needed to understand their internal structure, as well as the way the compounds’ components are assembled, relative to each other. This compound, the compound of five cuboctahedra, and those related to it, … Continue reading

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99% of Critical

Created using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator, software which is available for either purchase, or a free trial download, right here.

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Teaching in Central Arkansas? Here’s a Key to Acronyms in Common Use in Our Profession.

Originally posted on Reading Acronym Soup:
This site was compiled by teachers. While we have strived for accuracy, we cannot guarantee that this alphabetized list is free from error. It is also not intended to represent the viewpoints of our…

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