Two Mandalas (from 2013)

I found these on Facebook, and could find no evidence that I’d ever blogged them here — so here they are. The first one is based on the number nine, while the second is based on fifteen.

A Compound of Fifteen Cuboids — Which Is Also a Particular Faceting of the Icosidodecahedron

The creator of Stella 4d, the program I used to make these rotating polyhedral images, is Robert Webb (and the software itself may be tried for free here). Recently, on Facebook, he displayed a paper model of this compound of fifteen cuboids, pointed out that it is a faceting of the icosidodecahedron, and I (being me) took that as a challenge to make it myself. Here is my first result, in which all fifteen cuboids have different colors.

Faceted Icosidodeca compound of 15 cuboids give RW credit.gif

I then realized that RW had rendered his in only five colors, so I studied his post more carefully, and made the appropriate adjustments to do the same:

Faceted Icosidodeca compound of 5 cuboids 5 color version

If you’d like to find the Stella page on Facebook, here is a link to it.

5, 10, and 15 (from 2012)

5 10 and 15 from 2012

I recently found a bunch of my “lost” geometrical art which never found its way to this blog before, and here’s the latest piece of it. Created in 2012, it has a central pentadecagon, five orange decagons partially hidden behind other polygons, and many pentagons, all of them regular.