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Thoughts on Colonizing Space

[Image found here.] It is no secret than I am not a fan of our current president, Donald Trump. I’ve been watching him carefully, and have found exactly one point of agreement with the man: humans should colonize the planet … Continue reading

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How to Distinguish Between the Waxing and Waning Moon, At a Glance

This is a waxing moon, meaning the sunlit portion we can see is growing. The outer curve also makes this view of the moon shaped more like the letter “D,” compared to the letter “C.” For the useful mnemonic here, … Continue reading

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Craters and Slopes Near the South Pole of the Moon Adorn the Faces of a Rhombic Enneacontahedron

The images on the faces of this polyhedron are based on information sent from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter, as seen at http://lunar.gsfc.nasa.gov/lola/feature-20110705.html and tweeted by @LRO_NASA, which has been happily tweeting about its fifth anniversary in a polar lunar orbit recently. … Continue reading

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