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What To Do with Faux Beatles Fans

You know the type. Many were introduced to Beatles’ music by the film Across the Universe. There’s nothing wrong with that, by itself, but, when paired with the presentation of oneself as the biggest Beatles’ fan ever, the equation changes — to … Continue reading

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There Are No Stupid Questions?

“The Beatles? Wasn’t that Paul McCartney’s old group?” (high school, ~1983) “Plutonium? Isn’t that the stuff the planet Pluto is made of?” (in Chemistry class) “Is the planet Mercury made of the element mercury?” (in Chemistry class) “Is this Algebra … Continue reading

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¿Es usted normal?

It took some time for me to figure out that things are seriously screwed up. One of the early indicators involved this question, and the reaction to my answer to it, which was asked to me in Spanish class, 7th … Continue reading

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Xanax for Dinner

“Xanax for Dinner,” or XfD, is a state you do not want to experience. I did experienced it, about six months ago. To get XfD, a few things must happen. First, you must have access to Xanax. I have a … Continue reading

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Places I Have Been

I’ve been to each of these states & provinces. D.C., also, although you probably can’t see that. I really need to get off this continent soon. I’ve been on this one for nearly 45 years, or even longer if time … Continue reading

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An Odd Tiling of the Plane

An exploration of one way to surround points with hexagons, triangles, and squares.

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The Pain Is Gone (but not without cost)

Every day for almost 25 years, my vertebrae from mid-neck to torso have been jammed together, by a fall I had at age 20. It hurt like hell, at times, or it just hurt, but it never, ever stopped completely, … Continue reading

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