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A Polyhedral Journey

So I wondered, what would happen if I took rhombic dodecahedra… …and then affixed them to the sixty wider faces of a rhombic enneacontahedron? Well, it turns out that this is what you get: It’s at time like these — … Continue reading

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On Loving Christmas But Hating Xmas

I may have heard the objection a thousand times, living here in Arkansas:  “They’re trying to ‘X’ out the ‘Christ’ from ‘Christmas!’” Such people have apparently never heard of one of the most ancient Christian symbols in existence (and still … Continue reading

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Six Christopher Hitchens Quotes

All found in The Quotable Hitchens (2011).

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Sam Harris Meme Collection

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George W. Bush and Ted Bundy

If you aren’t certain who racked up the higher body count, just ask anyone from Iraq.

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Polyhedral Helix

This helix is made of metabidiminished rhombicosidodecahedra, and was made using software you can try here. Also, at this page on this blog, you can see a rotating version of a longer length of this same helix.

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My Choices for Ten Ethical Principles

I may not do this better than Christopher Hitchens, but I contend I have done it better than Exodus.

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