Thirteen Images, Each, of Jynx, the Black Kitten, on Two Hendecagonal Prisms

11- Prism

The above hendecagonal prism shows what Jynx is like when he’s in “kyperkitten” mode. (If you have a kitten, you know what that means.) It’s also rotating rapidly in an effort to make those who fear black cats, and/or the number thirteen, feel even more jumpy, in the hope that Jynx and I can, by working together, startle them into rationality.

On the other hand, Jynx does sometimes like to just lounge around, and watch the world go by — so I’ll show him in “tiredcat” mode as well.

11- Prism

Software credit:  I used Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator to make these images, a program which is available at this website.

Two Polyhedra Featuring Twenty Regular Octadecagons Each

The first of these two polyhedra also includes isosceles triangles, two types of isosceles trapezoids, and twelve regular pentagons.

reg octadecagons

It is also possible to make a similar polyhedron where the twelve pentagons are replaced by regular decagons, but only by allowing the twenty octadecagons to overlap.


These polyhedra were constructed using Stella 4d, which can be found at