June 13 Special Election in the PCSSD

Voters in the Pulaski County Special School District in central Arkansas vote, June 13, on a millage extension. This isn’t a new tax, but just an extension of what we already pay in property taxes. The schools need this money to build classroom space, etc. for our growing student population. If you live in the PCSSD, please vote FOR this measure on June 13.

Simplified Arkansas Weather Forecast for June, July, and August, of Almost Any Year

Warning: to avoid serious risk of major depression, read no further during May of any year, if trapped in Arkansas with little or no hope of quick escape.


  • Today: hot!
  • Tonight: so hot you won’t be able to sleep, because you’ll stick to your bedsheets!
  • Tomorrow: hot!
  • The day after tomorrow: hot!
  • Three to six days from now: hot! Each day!
  • A week from now: hot!
  • Next week: hot! All week long!
  • The remainder of the month: hot! 
  • Next month (if it’s June or July now): hotter than this month!
  • The month after that (if it’s June now): hotter than it is right now!
  • Next month (if it’s August now): hot for weeks, turning to only-slightly miserable later in September. Maybe.