Simplified Arkansas Weather Forecast for June, July, and August, of Almost Any Year

Warning: to avoid serious risk of major depression, read no further during May of any year, if trapped in Arkansas with little or no hope of quick escape.


  • Today: hot!
  • Tonight: so hot you won’t be able to sleep, because you’ll stick to your bedsheets!
  • Tomorrow: hot!
  • The day after tomorrow: hot!
  • Three to six days from now: hot! Each day!
  • A week from now: hot!
  • Next week: hot! All week long!
  • The remainder of the month: hot! 
  • Next month (if it’s June or July now): hotter than this month!
  • The month after that (if it’s June now): hotter than it is right now!
  • Next month (if it’s August now): hot for weeks, turning to only-slightly miserable later in September. Maybe.

Welcome to Arkansas: The Tornado State

arkansas the tornado stateWe’re under a tornado watch here, for approximately the thousandth time in my life. Seeing a “tornado watch” alert is about as rare here as seeing a Walmart.

Do wake me up if there’s a tornado warning, though, please.

Bumper Sticker Design for Arkansas Ice Storms

arkansas bumper sticker

I need two of these for my car — one for the rear bumper, and one for the front. I drive, on icy roads, about as well as the average Arkansan. This means I am proficient at sliding into ditches. It also means that, if our current weather forecast proves to be accurate, I’ll be staying home for at least the next 42 hours.

A Polyhedral Snowman


A Polyhedral Snowman

We’re out of school today because of an ice storm, and I wanted to make a snowman. However, we got very little snow — mostly freezing rain and sleet fell — so I can’t make a traditional snowman. Also, it’s really cold outside. So, instead, I stayed inside, where it’s warm, and made a polyhedral snowman out of (from top to bottom) an icosahedron, an icosidodecahedron, and a rhombicosidodecahedron.

Software credit: see for a free trial download of Stella 4d, the software used to make this image.