Bumper Sticker Design for Arkansas Ice Storms

arkansas bumper sticker

I need two of these for my car — one for the rear bumper, and one for the front. I drive, on icy roads, about as well as the average Arkansan. This means I am proficient at sliding into ditches. It also means that, if our current weather forecast proves to be accurate, I’ll be staying home for at least the next 42 hours.

Proposed Radiobiohazard Symbol


Proposed Radiobiohazard Symbol

We’re all familiar with the radiation-hazard symbol:


And, of course, the biohazard symbol:


However, what if some unforeseen disaster threatens us with living, radioactive pathogens? Clearly, we need a radiobiohazard symbol for just such an eventuality, and I’m proposing the top picture here as a rough draft for one, inspired by the two already-existing warning symbols.

To the TSA, FEMA, the NSA, and the rest of the alphabet soup of “keep-us-safe” agencies: you’re welcome.