A True Story from My Childhood: Roman Numeral Dollar Signs

roman numeral dollar signs

When I was a child, I learned Roman numerals before I learned about the dollar sign. When I first encountered a dollar sign, I interpreted it as an “S” with a Roman numeral one superimposed over it. It then followed (I thought at the time) that the symbols for $2 through $10 would look like those shown above.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long before I figured out this would be impractical. I certainly would not want to have to write the symbol for $3,978, after all.

Proposed Radiobiohazard Symbol


Proposed Radiobiohazard Symbol

We’re all familiar with the radiation-hazard symbol:


And, of course, the biohazard symbol:


However, what if some unforeseen disaster threatens us with living, radioactive pathogens? Clearly, we need a radiobiohazard symbol for just such an eventuality, and I’m proposing the top picture here as a rough draft for one, inspired by the two already-existing warning symbols.

To the TSA, FEMA, the NSA, and the rest of the alphabet soup of “keep-us-safe” agencies: you’re welcome.