Mark Twain, on Fools and Lightning


Source for image, before I added the words:

Source for the quote, itself: More Maxims of Mark, By Mark Twain, ed. Merle Johnson (New York: Privately printed, November 1927). See, also, this website.

I am grateful to my friend Tom, for helping me correct this Mark Twain quote, an earlier (and apparently incorrect) version of which I posted here.

Regarding the incorrect grammar in the quote: it’s Mark Twain. One does not correct the grammar of a great writer!

Mark Twain, on Idiots and Lightning


Mark Twain On Idiots and Lightning

[Later edit, in October 2015: a friend of mine questions the authenticity of this quote, but did find a source for Mark Twain saying this: “The trouble ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right.” He may well be correct; my friend is an expert at detecting false quotations. If anyone knows of a source for the quote in the pic above, please leave a note about it in a comment to this post.]