On Destroying the Universe (with Mathematics)


division by zero

No cause for alarm here; it’s not going to happen. I promise. Now, please, stop worrying about this, if you can. I’m not trying to scare anyone.

If not worrying about this proves to be difficult, simply consult a mathematician.




Regions between close-packed circles of equal radius resemble triangles, but with 60 degree arcs replacing the sides. As these regions are the only things left of a plane after all such circles are sliced out, and they each are outside all the circles used, I’ve decided to name them “circumslices.” Interestingly, the three interior angles of a circumslice each asymptotically approach zero degrees, as one approaches circumslice-vertices, which are also the points of contact of the circles.

Why did I name these things “circumslices?” Because they needed a name, that’s why!