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An Easy Way to Find a Better President

Obtain nine ten-sided dice, as seen above. Use them, one at a time, to generate nine random digits, in order. Check to see if a living person has that Social Security Number. If so, check to see if the person … Continue reading

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Thirty Golden Rectangles, Rotating About a Common Axis

The third image in the last post is a faceting of the icosidodecahedron. In that faceting, the faces used are equilateral triangles, star pentagons, and golden rectangles. To make these two new images, starting with that particular faceting of the … Continue reading

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A Polyhedral Demonstration of the Fact That Nine Times Thirty Equals 270, Along with Its Interesting Dual

It would really be a pain to count the faces of this polyhedron, in order to verify that there are 270 of them. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to do so. The polyhedron above is made of rhombus-shaped panels which correspond … Continue reading

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How to Get Fair Dice with Various Numbers of Possible Results, from Two to Thirty, Using Different Polyhedra

For a d2, number a cube’s faces with three ones and three twos. For a d3, number a cube’s faces 1,1,2,2,3,3. The standard d4 is a Platonic solid, the tetrahedron. Double-numbered (two ones, two twos, etc.) octahedra are sometimes used … Continue reading

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