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A Polyhedral Journey, Beginning with Face-Based Zonohedrification of an Icosahedron

To begin this, I took an icosahedron, and made a zonish polyhedron with it, with the new faces based on the zones of the existing faces. Here’s the result. Next, I started stellating the polyhedron above. At the sixth stellation, … Continue reading

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A Zonish Icosahedron, and Some of Its “Relatives”

To begin this, I used Stella 4d (available here) to create a zonish polyhedron from the icosahedron, by adding zones along the x-, y-, and z-axes. The result has less symmetry than the original, but it is symmetry of a … Continue reading

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Cuboctahedral Cluster of Rhombic Triacontahedra

Due to their high number of planes of symmetry, rhombic triacontahedra make excellent building blocks to build other polyhedra. To make this, I used a program called Stella 4d, which you can try right here.

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Sam Harris: A Quote

Source — Waking Up:  A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, p. 38.

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Anticarbon-14 and Oxygen-18 Nuclei: What If They Collided? And Then, What About the Reverse-Reaction?

Were nuclei of anticarbon-14 and oxygen-18 to collide (and their opposite charges’ attractions would help with this), what would happen? Well, if you break it down into particles, the anticarbon-14 nucleus is composed of six antiprotons and eight antineutrons, while … Continue reading

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Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009

The best ways to celebrate Banned Books Week (which is going on now) are to read/buy/give away banned books, and/or donate money to libraries which deliberately put banned books in the circulating collection, as all good libraries do. I’ve color-coded … Continue reading

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The 109th Stellation of the Triakis Icosahedron

Created using Stella 4d:  Polyhedron Navigator, available here.

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