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The American Historical Clock of War and Peace

The yellow years are ones in which the USA was getting into or out of major wars — or both, in the case of the brief Spanish-American War. The red years are war years, and the blue years are years … Continue reading

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Four Convex Polyhedra with Icosidodecahedral Symmetry

The smaller images above may be enlarged with a click. All these polyhedra were made using Stella 4d, available here.

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Seven Fanciful Designs for Polyhedral Throwing Stars with 7-Fold Dihedral Symmetry

I made these using Stella 4d, a program available at Any of these images may be enlarged with a click.

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A Hollow Faceting of the Rhombicosidodecahedron, and Its Hollow Dual

The images above all show a particular faceting of the rhombicosidodecahedron which, to my surprise, is hollow. It has the vertices of a rhombicosidodecahedron, but two different face-types, as seen in the smaller pictures: yellow hexagons, and red isosceles trapezoids. … Continue reading

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12-Fold Dihedral Polyhedral Explorations

Above is a dodecagonal antiprism, augmented by 24 more dodecagonal antiprisms. This was the starting point for making all the polyhedra below, using Stella 4d, software available here. Each of these smaller pictures may be enlarged with a click.

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When We Build Our Dyson Sphere, Let’s Not Use Enneagonal Antiprisms

Before an undertaking as great as building a Dyson Sphere, it’s a good idea to plan ahead first. This rotating image shows what my plan for an enneagonal-antiprism-based Dyson Sphere looked like, at the hemisphere stage. At this point, the … Continue reading

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A Second Coloring-Scheme for the Chiral Tetrated Dodecahedron

For detailed information on this newly-discovered polyhedron, which is near (or possibly in) the “fuzzy” border-zone between the “near-misses” (irregularities real, but not visually apparent) and “near-near-misses” (irregularities barely visible, but there they are) to the Johnson solids, please see … Continue reading

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