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The Spider-to-Human Ratio

Since I like spiders, I was pleased to read a rough estimate of 21 quadrillion for the world’s population of spiders (source: here). The website gives the current human population as ~7.4 billion. Dividing the estimated spider population by the estimated … Continue reading

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Constructing “Nightday” — An Experiment Involving Sleep

The last workweek having left me rather tired, I went to bed early Friday, after work, and then, having slept all I could sleep, I then woke back up quite early Saturday morning, before sunrise, and couldn’t get back to … Continue reading

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A John Lennon Quote, On Waking Up, and Finding a Cure

Source of quote:

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The Seven Types of Beatles Fans: My Utterly Biased View

I have never met a serious fan of The Beatles who did not have one favorite Beatle. (I’m sure it is obvious which Beatle is my favorite.) As for Yoko Ono, she is a highly polarizing figure among Beatles fans … Continue reading

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Six “Cubish” Polyhedra

I’m using the term “cubish polyhedra” here to refer to polyhedra which resemble a cube, if one looks only at the faces they have which feature the largest number of sides, always six in number, and with positions corresponding to … Continue reading

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Eight Chiral Polyhedra with Icosidodecahedral Symmetry

To see a larger version of any rotating model, simply click on it. Each of these polyhedral images was created using a program called Stella 4d, which is available here.

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Eleven Convex, Non-Chiral Polyhedra Featuring Cuboctahedral Symmetry

To enlarge any of these images, simply click on the ones you choose. All of these images were created using Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator, available at

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