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Three Stellations of the Truncated Cube

The polyhedron above is the 12th stellation of the truncated cube. The one below is the 14th. The next one shown is the 18th and final stellation. If stellated again, the result is an ordinary truncated cube. These virtual models … Continue reading

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Calvin and Hobbes, and the Peanuts Gang: Describing Christmas in America

The cartoonists Charles Schultz knew, and Bill Watterson knows, an immense amount about the uniquely American way to celebrate Christmas. . Their work speaks for itself.  I hope you enjoy these cartoons, and have both a Happy Christmas and Merry … Continue reading

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The Minute of the Winter Solstice

Shortly before Winter began at 4:44 CST (USA), I wondered if it were Winter yet, and googled it. Here’s what I found. I was astonished when I looked at the current time and the time of the Winter solstice, using … Continue reading

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Reading: It’s What You Do

I have observed many families where reading is simply what people do. In one, a favorite family story is of a little girl (a toddler) whose parents and older brother were sitting in the living room, reading. No one told … Continue reading

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President-elect Donald Trump, and President Vladimir Putin

Source of quote: The Washington Post, online edition, December 14, 2016: Fiona Hill co-authored the 2015 book Mr. Putin: Operative at the Kremlin, available here, on Amazon. She is also (according to the Washington Post story linked above, written by David Filipov) … Continue reading

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One of the Funniest “Star Trek” Moments I Remember from Childhood

I did not take the Star Trek screenshots; I merely assembled the .gif at

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A Space-Filling Lattice of Truncated Octahedra

Truncated octahedra are among the special polyhedra which can fill space without leaving any gaps. There are others, as well. This image was created using Stella 4d, software you may try, for yourself, right here. There is a free “try it … Continue reading

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