5, 10, and 15 (from 2012)

5 10 and 15 from 2012

I recently found a bunch of my “lost” geometrical art which never found its way to this blog before, and here’s the latest piece of it. Created in 2012, it has a central pentadecagon, five orange decagons partially hidden behind other polygons, and many pentagons, all of them regular.

Nine (2015) / Nine (2013)

First, the newer version I just made:

nine 2015

Next, the 2013 version, which I recently found, along with a bunch of other previously-lost stuff from around then. The two are simply color-inversions of each other, according to the rules for color-inversion used by MS-Paint.

nine 2013

A True Story from My Childhood: Roman Numeral Dollar Signs

roman numeral dollar signs

When I was a child, I learned Roman numerals before I learned about the dollar sign. When I first encountered a dollar sign, I interpreted it as an “S” with a Roman numeral one superimposed over it. It then followed (I thought at the time) that the symbols for $2 through $10 would look like those shown above.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long before I figured out this would be impractical. I certainly would not want to have to write the symbol for $3,978, after all.

Euclid’s Spiders

euclid's spiders

The image of two black spiders above is created by interference, and is an example of an interference pattern. The figures which are interfering are four points (and the rays which go with them), two close together on the right, and two close together on the left, but with the two pairs in different orientations. Each point has 240 rays emanating from it, and the rays are equidistant (in terms of angle measure), making each of these rays one euclid (1.5º) apart from its nearest neighbors.

Star and Protostar

First, Protostar:

2012 protostar ic

In nature, protostars collapse under their own gravity until enough heat is generated to ignite nuclear fusion, at which point they become stars. The image above is my interpretation of a protostar, just before the moment it becomes a star. As for Star, my post-ignition interpretation, here it is:

2012 star ic

While I did just make these images, they are simply inverted-color versions of images I made back in 2012, using Geometer’s Sketchpad. Here are the original-color versions (which I don’t like as much, myself), presented in a smaller size. You may enlarge either or both with clicks, if you wish.

2012 protostar2012 star

Bumper Sticker Design for Arkansas Ice Storms

arkansas bumper sticker

I need two of these for my car — one for the rear bumper, and one for the front. I drive, on icy roads, about as well as the average Arkansan. This means I am proficient at sliding into ditches. It also means that, if our current weather forecast proves to be accurate, I’ll be staying home for at least the next 42 hours.