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Geometry Problem Involving Two Circles (See Comments for Solution)

This is a puzzle I made up not long ago. After trying to solve it for a bit (no success yet, but I haven’t given up), I decided to share the fun. A small circle of radius r is centered … Continue reading

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Two Views of the Truncated Tesseract

The figure above, rotating in hyperspace, is an orthogonal projection of a four-dimensional polychoron known as the truncated tesseract. It is analogous to the truncated cube, one of the Archimedean solids. The image below is of the same figure, but … Continue reading

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On Deciphering Informal Medical Language, from an “Aspie” Point of View

A major challenge for many Aspies (an informal name many of those with Asperger’s use for ourselves) is communication with the larger, non-Aspie population. Frustration and anger are common reactions to this challenge — sometimes from both sides. The reasons … Continue reading

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Is the Moon a Magnet for Ignorance?

Google’s search-suggestions for “is the moon,” shown above, clearly indicate support for the “magnet for ignorance” conjecture. My favorite one from this list: “is the moon real”? I’ve looked into this, and there are apparently quite a few people utterly … Continue reading

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A Proven Method for Getting Teenagers to Read

Although I am a teacher, I am not an English teacher — but I also believe that, as a teacher of anything, I have an ethical and professional responsibility to promote literacy. Many such methods for doing so exist. This … Continue reading

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Why I Do Not Write Books

It’s very simple: errors in writing, of any kind, horrify me. If I wrote a book, and it were published, some would likely slip through, such as the one in the image above. If a book with my name on … Continue reading

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On the Problem of Evangelical Atheism

The term “evangelical atheism” may seem like a contradiction, but, hopefully, the image above clarifies what it means. It’s the zealous pushing of others to abandon religious beliefs, and it isn’t helpful to anyone. John Lennon never, to my knowledge, … Continue reading

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