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I figured it out.

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My New Math Project: Calculus

Now that I’ve let the whole world know this, I have to follow through on my plan. It is difficult to embarrass me, unless I deliberately set up a situation that uses embarrassment on a global scale, as a self-motivational … Continue reading

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Proof: An Infinite Number of Irrational Numbers Can Be Found Between Any Two Rational Numbers On the Number Line.

[This theorem was proven long ago, in other ways, but this is my way to prove it.] Let x and y be two rational numbers on the number line. Since both x and y are rational, both x and y … Continue reading

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On Peace (Thanks, Mom)

I am posting this to make one fact obvious: I want my blog to be a place where believers (of various types), and non-believers, can interact peacefully. There is a need for such places. This is one of the things … Continue reading

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A Zome Torus, Before and After Adding Dodecahedra, As a Model for a Pulsar’s Accretion Disk and Radiation Jets

I’ve been using Zometools, available at, to build interesting geometrical shapes since long before I started this blog. I recently found this: a 2011 photograph of myself, holding a twisting Zome torus. While I don’t remember who was holding the … Continue reading

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On Destroying the Universe (with Mathematics)

  No cause for alarm here; it’s not going to happen. I promise. Now, please, stop worrying about this, if you can. I’m not trying to scare anyone. If not worrying about this proves to be difficult, simply consult a mathematician.

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Asperger’s Syndrome and “Emotional Vision”

The source of the term “emotional vision” is the same as the source of the image above: this New York Times article. This blog-post is my response, so I recommend reading the NYT article before you continue. The story was written … Continue reading

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